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    Biology Discussions Disease
    Parrot 2 Posted 1 year ago


    What is  haemophilia and causes symptoms


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    • Parrot 2 Posted 1 year ago
      Effects of malaria
    • Mercy Bariki Posted 1 year ago

      1.     For each of the'itemS (i)- (x) choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number.  

      (i)    The structure that prevents food from entering the wind pipe is

      A   Glottis
      B   Tongue
      C   Soft palate
      E   Mouth.

                 (ii)        Organisms are classified  on the bases  of their

              A         mode  of feeding
              B          similarities and differ.ences
              C          type of movement
              D        ..advantages and disadvantages
              E        homologous and analogous characters.


      (iii)       Which one of the following types  of vertebrate  muscles  would  you find in the heart?

            A          Smooth muscle 
            B          Cardiac  muscle
            C          Striated muscle   
            D          Skeletal  muscle
            E          Voluntary muscle.


                 (iv) .       Amoeba  moves  by

              A   producing pseudopodia
              B    using  cilia
              C   using flagella
              D   the flow of ectoplasm
              E   producing limbs.


      (v)   Which  one of the following hormones controls reabsorption of water from the  urinary   tubules  when   the  amount of  water   in  the   blood   is  below normal.

         A   Adrenalin
         B  Internizing hormone
         C   Oxytocin
         D   Anti-diuretic hormone
         E   Aldosterone

                (vi) A neurone  that carries sensory information towards  the central nervous system  is called

                    A   Interneurone
                    B    Efferent neurone
                    C    Efferent neurone 
                    D     Motor neurone
                    E     Relay neurone                                          


             (vii) The following  is not true about viruses.

                  A  They attack living  cells
                 B   Multiply rapidly  inside living  cells
                 C   They are easy to destroy
                 D  They spread  through  the air
                 E    They cause  diseases


            (viii)   During  cold weather  shivering  occurs  in a mammal's body  in order to

      A  shake off coldnes
      B  generate  heat
      C   produce  sweat
      D  relax the muscles
      E exercise  the muscles


      (ix) Pure breeding  tall pea plants  are crossed  with pure  breeding  short pea plants.   The resulting offspring (F 1) are tall.   Which  terms  describe the F 1 generation?

         A          Heterozygous, with shortness  dominant
         B          Heterozygous, with tallness  dominant
         C          Homozygous dominant
         D          Homozygous recessive
         E          Heterozygous, with incomplete dominance


      (x) Which  of the following is correct for someone  with a nose bleed?

            A          To move  around with their head lifted up
            B          To sit with their head tilted on one side
            C          To sit quietly with their head in an upright  position
            D          To sniff in  between  intervals and sit with their head tipped forward
            E          To sit with their head tipped forward

    • Herieth Robert Posted 3 years ago
      Post-natal stages
      What are the stages of post-natal growth in human beings?