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    Posted 6 years ago in Form 4

    Me mwan

    why do we need life skill?

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    PILOT RAJSAH FORD   Posted on 3 years ago

    Live well in the society

    Delviner Odear   Posted on 4 years ago

    for ones knowledge

    ENITA FELIX   Posted on 5 years ago

    for relating properly with people around us

    Catrina Rai Kapoor   Posted on 5 years ago

    We need life skills in oder to cope with the environment and able to solve such problems that face our community

    Stella Mafimbo   Posted on 5 years ago

    To understand ourselves

    Jerda Mbilinyi   Posted on 5 years ago

    1.it helps us to understand ourselves better.
    2.it help in solving problems.
    3. it enable people to live well in a society.

    Julietha Johnson   Posted on 5 years ago

    We need them so that they can help us cope well with the environment.

    Kelvin Nyela   Posted on 6 years ago

    u mean importances

    Sabrina Moshi   Posted on 6 years ago

    In order to control our selves

    Leila Evany   Posted on 6 years ago

    2 kwo ourselves better

    Raymond Projestus   Posted on 6 years ago

    As we know that life skills~ are skills that help the person to live well in a society...the skills are needed because
    1.help one to have better relationship with others
    2.becoming a useful person in society
    3. Being successful because that is all we want!!


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