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    Posted 3 years ago in Form 4


    I and a certain guy used to be very best friends,but tulikwaruzana since mwaka Jana mwezi Wa tatu we never talked again till today.something bad ni kwamba Siku hiz amebadilika sana,hayuko makini na ukizingatia tuko cha 4

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    Becky Shadrack   Posted on 3 months ago

    I guess u should try talking to him

    RADHIA MWIRU   Posted on 4 months ago

    Weak people revenge, strong people forgive ,but intelligent people forget msamehe also sahau yaliyotokea mwombe msamaha if you think umemkosea halafu advise him or her hii Ni kawaida kutokea I once experienced it with my best friend but now everything is ok

    Anita Mungai   Posted on 4 months ago

    If ua best friends then it should have settled but najua problem is hakuna mwenye anataka kuwa was keanza kuongelesha mwingine but nakuomba uwe strong umuombe msamaha coz wat am always told is that mwenye anaomba 4giveness is not the weakest but the strongest

    Happyness Kombe   Posted on 5 months ago

    what you should do as an advice ww jarib kukaa nae then you correct each other ili ujue kosa lipo wapi


    Macy Lee   Posted on 11 months ago

    mxhaur 2

    David Athanas   Posted on 1 year ago


    Delviner Odear   Posted on 2 years ago

    try ur level bext tochange ur frnd akgm bax we uxhatnd yk

    ASKARI WA MOTON SIMBA SPORT CLUB[ SSC]   Posted on 2 years ago

    ssa tukujue ni muingereza&mbongo;

    Paschal Timothy   Posted on 2 years ago


    RICHARD SWAI   Posted on 3 years ago

    pray for your friend and try to show positive relationship with your friend and cooperate with your friend in positivity and negativity just that everything will be fine if you have faith in what you do

    ENITA FELIX   Posted on 3 years ago

    hadithi ako inafundisha nn?


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