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    Posted 4 years ago in Form 2

    Promotion Of Life Skills

    Hi,i have a simple considerate question why do we have to go to school.

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    JUMA IDDI   Posted on 3 years ago

    we go school to get knowledge

    Joan Walter   Posted on 3 years ago

    we go to school so as we can obtain knowledge to perform different tasks and widen up our minds and in the near future to practise wat we learnt and develop our nation as wel as our financial stautus

    Yusuph Nyanga   Posted on 4 years ago

    so as to get educated, as which we can archieve our goals.

    Frammy Vertex   Posted on 4 years ago

    for future plan

    Aliraza Shebila   Posted on 4 years ago

    On my side we go to school so that we can succeed in our studies and then we should have money which can help us in perform different activities like to have a good life good house to care for their parents also they can get money for contribute in the church and also they can do a work of God for save people like to be a doctor

    Achiles Kashasha   Posted on 4 years ago

    to get education as the key to sucess in life

    Tigress_elly   Posted on 4 years ago

    to get work and after that money

    King Saabry   Posted on 4 years ago

    For me I think to acqure knowlede and skills which will help you in your daily life


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