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    Posted 2 years ago in Form 2

    Petty Cash And Imprest Sysem ( Columnal Petty Cash Book)

    what is petty cash book

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    Carah Kalinga   Posted on 1 year ago

    Imprest system id where by thr petty cashier is given an amount equal to that spent on the previous period

    Dany Ark   Posted on 1 year ago

    This is an account that is ussed to record small bussines transactions

    Risto Boy   Posted on 2 years ago

    petty cash book is a book which used to record small payment

    Mariam Mziray   Posted on 2 years ago

    petty cash book is a book that is being used to record small business transactions in the business

    Fankie Peace   Posted on 2 years ago

    A Petty Cash Book is an accounting book used for recording expenses which are small and of little value, for example stamps, postage and handling, stationery, ...


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