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    Posted 2 years ago in Form 3

    Using Appropriate Language Content And Style In Speaking

    Imagine you are a principal speaker on a debate with motion education is better than money how can i start 

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    ADAM STRATEGY   Posted on 11 months ago

    In the debate your composure matters being the speaker you need to bring respect on board followed by settling both sides from who will start first who will get the next round
    You first need to idealise/form a holographic imaginary simulation of the meeting this will help you to predict some of the most likely expected outcomes the rest can be accomplished by following the steps on how or what the speaker is supposed to do

    Beatrice Laizer   Posted on 2 years ago

    You can just start by greetings or you can say salutation to the chairman, secretary, and a time keeper as long as you participate 8n a debate
    Good morning (if it's afternoon) or hello chairman, secretary (it either depending on your side of it's opposing and proposing side) , the time keeper and all other majority of this debate


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