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    Posted 3 years ago in Form 1

    Responsible Citizenship

    you guys how does a responsible citizen react and behave

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    Neema Masawe   Posted on 1 month ago

    i think a good citizen should be with the following qualities                   1.should avoid critics     2. should work hard for national development           3.should obey all rules        4should be honest 5.should paying tax an convice other citizen to pay                                                             

    Lolo Mima   Posted on 1 year ago

    1.a responsible citizen should take place in the election of the nation,
    2.should attend to all developmental metings of the society,
    3.to support good plannings/policies and to criticize the bad poicies,
    4.a good citizen should obez and follow all good rules and laws of the nation

    David Helamoja   Posted on 2 years ago


    Coleen Soor   Posted on 2 years ago

    why do you mean if you say work harder- -

    Ciara Jol   Posted on 2 years ago


    Moureen Gasper   Posted on 2 years ago

    A responsible citizen must be loyalty, respectful, work harder, follow rules,not breaking laws of a certain place.....


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