• Major Features Of The Earth

    Geography Form 1

    Jumatatu Mjungu



    • Island. This is the piece of land which is completely surrounded by water eg Madagasca island country, Australia continent island, Ukerewe district island in Mwanza Tanzania
    • Cape. This is the piece of land jutting into the sea eg Cape of Good Hope in South Africa
    • Peninsula. This is the tract of land entering into the body of water eg Msasani peninsula in Dar es salaam Tanzania
    • Gulf. This is the water inlets the  land eg Guinea gulf, Benguela gulf
    • Strait. This is the narrow water path which separates one land mass from another eg Makasan strait inIndonesia
    • Volcanic mountains§  Are mountains formed from the pilling up and cooling of hot molten lava and ashes that are thrown out from the interior of the earth. Examples of volcanic mountains are:-
      •                   Kilimanjaro, OldonyoLengai, and Meru in Tanzania.
      • Types of volcanic mountains
      • §  Volcanic mountains are classified into three types on the basis of their eruptions, namely
      • (i) Active volcanic mountains
      • (ii) Dormant/inactive/sleeping volcanic mountains
      • (iii) Extinct/dead volcanic mountains   
      • Active volcanic mountains
      • §  Are volcanic mountains which are still experiencing periodic eruptions and have erupted in recent periods. Examples of volcanic mountains include
      • §      Mount Vesuvius in Italy,
      • §      Mauna Loa in Hawaii
      • §      Taal volcano in Philippines
      • §      Mufumbiro in Uganda
      • §      Sakurajima mountain in Japan
      • §      Merapi mountain in Indonesia
      • §      Nyiragongo mountain in Congo DR
      • §      Cameroon mountain in Equatorial Africa
      • §      Piton de La Fournaise in reunion.  
      • §      Oldonyo Lengai in Tanzania
      • Dormant volcanic mountains
      • §   Are those which erupted once in the past but have remained in active for fairly a long period.
      • §  They are sleeping volcanic mountains which may become active once again. Examples of dormant volcanic mountains are:-
      • §      Kilimanjaro and Meru mountains in Tanzania
      • §      Keo mountain in Hawaii island
      • §      Elbrus mountain in Russia
      • §      Teide mountain in Spain
      • §      Rainier mountain in USA
      • Extinct/dead volcanic mountains
      • §  Are those volcanic mountains which were active but have not erupted for a very long time and do not show any sign of ever erupting again
      • §  Most these mountains have craters at their peaks, which are normally conical in shape which when craters are filled with water they form crater lakes for example lake Duluti and Ngorongoro both in Arusha Tanzania  and lake Nakuru in Kenya. Examples of extinct volcanic mountains include:-
      • §      Elgon and Kulal  mountains in Kenya
      • §      Ngorongoro and Rungwe in Tanzania
      • §      Chimborazo mountain Ecuador
      • §      Ben Nevis mountain in Scotland 

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