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Welcome to Shule Direct and thank you for your interest in learning, revising and discussing through our platform hosted at


Terms of Use

Whenever you use Shule Direct, you must make sure that you understand and accept these terms. If you don't understand them, please ask an adult, for example, a parent or teacher - to help you with them.


About Shule Direct

The website, including all related Shule Direct learning and revision materials and merchandise (from now on, we will call all these "Shule Direct") is operated by Shule Direct Ltd, of 339 Kimweri Avenue, Msasani, Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania (from now on we will refer ourselves as, "We", "Our" or "Us").

These terms are a legal agreement between you and Us. Every time you use Shule Direct, in any way, you show that you accept these terms.

In these Terms of Use,

"Personal Information" means information which allows an individual to be identified;

"Children's Personal Information" means Personal Information collected from users under the age of 18;

"Device" means the electronic device with which you access and use Shule Direct;

"Teacher User" means a user who has registered for a Shule Direct teacher login;

"Student User" means a user who has registered for a Shule Direct student login;


Teacher Users

You may only sign up as a Teacher User if you are over 18 years of age, and employed to look after students at a recognized educational institution, most likely a school (Your Institution)

If you are a teacher user, you undertake to keep your login secure; to use your dashboard for content development only; to engage students only for content sharing.


Using Shule Direct

You may:

use Shule Direct only for your learning, revision and extra-curricula content development purposes, or for teaching students in Your Institution; download, store or print materials on Shule Direct, for your own personal use, or for use at Your Institution but not for commercial purposes.

And when using Shule Direct, you agree that you will:

Show respect and consideration to other users;

be responsible for any actions which take place under your Shule Direct login, and under any Shule Direct logins you create; keep your login details private, and tell us straight away if you think someone knows them, or has used them; give us true, complete information about yourself, and about any users for whom you create logins, and tell us if it changes; only use Shule Direct in a manner that is consistent with these Terms and Conditions.

And you accept that...

we cannot promise that Shule Direct will always be available, or that you'll always be able to access it; we will not necessarily constantly monitor all of the materials put on Shule Direct by its users ; we may remove or change the services Shule Direct offers if we wish.

And you can terminate your account...

Upon dissatisfaction with the website or these terms or our other third party's content; you may terminate your usage of the website by deleting your login account and discontinuing use of any and all parts of the website.

And you agree that you will NOT try to do these things:

Use someone else's Shule Direct login, or any parts of Shule Direct that you're not authorised to use, such as a teacher using a student login or a student using a teacher login;

Give us false information about yourself, or about anyone else, or pretend to be someone you aren't;

Do something likely to offend or hurt another Shule Direct user;

Alter or disrupt Shule Direct;

Put onto Shule Direct, or send through Shule Direct, personal information about anyone, including real name or contact details, except when we ask you; bulk messages, commercial messages, chain letters or anything like these; anything which may disrupt or harm software, hardware or communications; anything which untrue, illegal, inappropriate, or which may be offensive or damaging to others; anything which infringes someone else's rights or privacy....or help anyone else to try to do them.

If you use Shule Direct in any way that doesn't fit with these Terms, we may do whatever we think is necessary, including immediately terminating your use of Shule Direct or taking legal action if deemed necessary.


Your data

When you use Shule Direct, we may collect data from you. Please make sure you read and understand our Privacy Policy, which describes the data we collect, and what we do with it. The Privacy Policy is part of our Terms of Use, please read them together.


Copyright and copying

Unless otherwise stated in these Terms, or in writing by us, we (or our licensors/contractors) own the copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in any materials on Shule Direct.

When you put any materials on Shule Direct, you accept that:

we may choose to monitor what you put on Shule Direct; you keep all rights you have in those materials;

you may not submit anything owned by someone else, unless they have given you permission first; if we think it's right to do so, we may remove your materials, or to refuse to make them available; you grant us an irrevocable, unlimited, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use your materials, or create work based on them, in whatever way we wish; you irrevocably and unconditionally waive the benefit of any provision of law known as moral rights of authors, or any similar law in any country, forever, in respect of that material.

And you confirm that:

You have the right to put those materials on Shule Direct

And you may not:

Reproduce, or make available to others, Shule Direct's content; modify or create derivative works from Shule Direct's content for commercial purposes... or help anyone else to do any of these things, unless you already have written permission from Shule Direct.


Shule Direct Members

Upon creating an account as a Teacher or a student, a visitor becomes a member of Shule Direct. Members have priviledges that non-members do not have. These priviledges include access to learning and platforms that require a significant amount of interaction. Therefore, to protect you and others, we need to obtain more information from you before you start interacting with Shule Direct and other members.

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your device, and You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password.

You agree that the information You provide to Shule Direct, whether on registration or at any other time, will be true, accurate, current, and complete.


Shule Direct Subscriptions

Although Shule Direct is free of charge without time limit and it is zero rated through with a Tigo simcard, we will also offer access to additional materials on a subscription basis (from now on, we'll call these "Shule Direct Subscriptions").

The benefits of each Shule Direct Subscription will be published on Shule Direct. We may change the price or benefits for any Shule Direct Subscription at our discretion.

When purchasing any Shule Direct Subscription, you accept that fees for Shule Direct Subscriptions are billed in advance;

if any fees are not paid when they are due, we may terminate or suspend your Shule Direct Subscription immediately;

Shule Direct Subscriptions are not transferable - and may not be resold - either partly or in their entirety; any discount codes are not transferable, and may only be used once, unless otherwise agreed by us in writing; and unless we've agreed differently in writing, Shule Direct Subscriptions are non-refundable, except as provided for by applicable law.

If your subscription is cancelled before the end of the period you purchased, you will not be given any refund; any part of your Shule Direct Subscription that has been provided for you as a result of someone else's agreement with us, for example as a donation, is dependent on that person keeping to the terms of that agreement; if your subscription is terminated, your account will automatically revert to a free Shule Direct login, and be subject to the restrictions of that login.

And you confirm that

Any mobile money payment information, that you provide to us are yours, or that you have the authority to provide them.



Shule Direct Memberships and Subscriptions are all delivered online, so you won't receive anything physical.


Content Restrictions

You may not use the Website or any related services, including the Shule Direct API, for any commercial use or purpose unless expressly permitted by Shule Direct in writing, it being understood that the Website and related learning services are intended for personal, non-commercial use only;

You may not use the Website for any purposes other than to disseminate or receive original or appropriately licensed content and/or to access the Website for learning, revising, discussing or accessing information relating to education or youth development


Third Parties and External Links

Shule Direct may carry advertising for our other products or services. Shule Direct may also carry advertising for our partner's products or services.

It may also carry links to websites which aren't under our control. We are not responsible for these websites, or their content, or any offers they make to you. Any dealings you have with them are completely independent of us, and we cannot be held responsible if you suffer damage or loss as a result.


Changes to these terms

We may modify these terms from time to time, in which case we will notify you by posting the new version on the Shule Direct website.

It's your responsibility to be aware of the current terms. Any changes apply as soon as they are posted, and if you use Shule Direct after that, you show that you accept the updated terms.


Other terms

Unless otherwise agreed, we make no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, in relation to Shule Direct.

We will not be liable for any loss occurring as a result of using Shule Direct. If you wish to make any claim against another user arising from their use of Shule Direct, you will pursue it only against them, independently of us.

You agree that you fully indemnify us against all claims, liability, losses, costs and expenses - including legal fees - suffered by us which arise from a breach of this agreement by you, or from your use of Shule Direct, or from use of Shule Direct by any other person who accesses Shule Direct using your Login Details, computer or internet account. Furthermore, you agree that you are fully responsible for such claims, losses, costs and expenses or liabilities.

Nothing in these terms limits your rights as a consumer under law, or limits our liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or that of our employees or agents. These terms are governed by Tanzanian law, and any disputes arising must be brought in Tanzanian courts.

For further information and clarification on any of these terms please contact us